Maintenance Tips
Examine Heating/Cooling filter and clean or replace as necessary  
Clean gutters and downspouts to ensure proper drainage of water away from the house
Examine shower enclosures.  Repair or replace deteriorated grout or caulking to prevent water seepage into walls
Repair or replace leaking faucets or shower heads to prevent water damage
Check the operation of smoke detectors
Check the toilet attachments to the floor to ensure they are tight.  A loose toilet can break the seal and leak

Examine roof for deterioration of roof covering, flashings and chimney
Examine exterior walls and foundation for evidence of damage, deterioration or insect infestation
Trim back vegetation to keep from being in contact with the house
Examine the crawl space and/or basement for evidence of water penetration
Replace or clean exhaust hood filters
Examine doors and windows for deterioration and replace or repair damaged wood or caulking
Shutoff isolating valves to exterior hose bibs when temperatures could be below freezing
Ensure that the grade of land encourages water to flow away from the house
Test the Temperature, Pressure Relief Valve on the water heater
Test all Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) devices for operation
Examine the garage overhead door to ensure the auto-reverse mechanism is functioning

Replace smoke detector batteries
Have heating/cooling and water heater appliances cleaned and serviced
Have chimneys inspected and cleaned
Have your property inspected by state certified wood destroying insect inspector
If the home utilizes a private well, have the water quality tested
Examine the electrical panels for deterioration and evidence of overheating
Look in the attic for evidence of water leaks, condensation or vermin
Drain several gallons of water from the water heater to remove debris
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