New Construction
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At Block Home Inspections LLC, we aim to meet all your inspection needs by providing new construction inspections in Kansas and Missouri serving communities such as Overland Park, Olathe, Lenexa, Blues Springs, Gardner, Leawood, Shawnee Mission, Lees Summit, Kansas City and all surrounding areas.

Should my new home be inspected?
This is a common question that we encounter.  Should my new home be inspected?  Doesn't the city already do inspections on the new construction?  Doesn't the home have to pass inspections to get a certificate of occupancy from the city?  These are all common questions that we encounter when speaking to customers about their new homes.  We answer yes to all of these questions.  This does not guarantee that your home is defect free.
When is a good time to have an inspection?
The course of action for getting your new home inspected is to contact a third party inspection company before your home has begun to be built.  The best inspection is called a phase inspection.  This inspection occurs in phases.  Typically we would arrive at the construction site to view the footing/foundation construction as the first phase.  In the second phase we would come back to the house before the insulation, drywall and roofing material have been installed.  We would then return when the work was completed to evaluate the remaining work and followup on any prior deficiencies.

At the bare minimum, we would recommend having an inspection performed prior to closing on the property.  At this point in the process, there are many components and systems we cannot verify however we are still able to get a good view of most of the home.  This is the most common inspection requested for new construction.  Please take some time and review the sample inspection report of new construction we provide for you.  This is an extreme example of the types of problems we encouner in new construction homes.  This was an actual inspection we performed for a customer in Missouri.
During the construction of you new home, the builder must contact the city to have specific systems in the home inspected and approved prior to continuing on to another phase of construction.  The fact that the city inspects the new home during construction does not mean that they catch all defects.  We regualarly encounter many defects that the city has missed including incomplete firewalls in garages, electrical wiring hazards, plumbing leaks, inadequate insulation in the attic space and structural defects.
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When your builder tells you that your home was "built to code", what he is really telling you is that he built your house to meet the absolute bare minimum building standards.  This often results in problems down the road.  The code is intended to set a minimum standards for construction which many builders exceed.