Block Home Inspections LLC
You found your dream home.  You had your new home inspected.  You've negotiated the deal and requested repairs be performed by the seller.  Everything is on track and going as planned right?  Think again.

Very few buyers are having reinspections done.  Of the reinspections we have performed, there is a 99% chance that the seller and/or their contractors either didn't repair what was negotiated or there was poor workmanship or it was done improperly. 

Your home may have the same deficiencies as before or in some cases they made the problem worse. 

Don't let a home owner make repairs on your behalf without having a third party inspection to protect your investment.  Make sure you have a follow up inspection to ensure the repairs were done as negotiated and done correctly.

All reinspections are $100 whether we inspected your home or another inspection company did.   

For $100, there is no better peace of mind.