Termite Inspection
Whether your home is brand new or 100 years old, we recommend getting annual termite inspections performed.  A typical termite inspection will involve the following steps:

1.  An examination of your house's foundation searching for termite
     mud tunnels.  Subterranean termites live in colonies in the
     ground.  In order for them to enter an above ground food source,
     they construct mud tunnels to protect them during their journey.
2.  An examination of any direct wood-to-ground contact outside the
     house.  All wood, including treated lumber, which has direct
     contact with the soil must be inspected for termite activity.  The
     wood is inspected for termite activity at or near the ground level
     by probing with a screwdriver or other sharp object.  If the wood
     is easily penetrated, termites, fungus, or some other wood
     destroying organism has damaged the wood.  Signs of termite
     feeding include termite foraging galleries, dirt or mud found in the
     wood and/or small holes or trails in the center portion of the wood.
3.  An examination of the interior of your house for signs of termite
     activity.  There are three primary signs of termite activity.  The most conclusive sign is the presence of
     mud tunnels.  Second, areas containing moisture should receive special attention.  Any areas in a house
     that retain moisture must be inspected.  The house should also be inspected for flight exit holes.  The
     holes are constructed to allow "swarmers" out to try to establish new colonies.  The flight exit holes look
     like small mudpacks protruding from one or more openings.
4.  An examination of outside areas that are favorable for termite activity.  Favorable areas include those that
     retain moisture such as downspouts, spigots, air condition lines, and low areas with improper drainage. 
     Other areas vulnerable to termites are wood-to-soil contact, wood piles, mulch beds, wooden fences, tree
     stumps, and landscaping timbers.  All favorable areas should be thoroughly inspected for termites.

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